Math Tricks

This section is designed for anyone that wants to learn to math. Whether you are a math genius or you are just learning math, there is something here for you. Here you will learn how to multiply, divide , and solve problems faster and how to make it easier.

Multiply by 25

Learn the quickest way to multiply any number by 25 in your head.

Multiply by 11

The easiest way to quickly multiply any number by 11.

Multiply by 101

You'll be amazed at how fast you can multiply by 101.

Multiply by 75

An advanced version of multiplying by 25 with one additional step.

Multiply when 10s are =

Example would be 43 x 47.

Square numbers ending in 5

Ever wonder the fastest way to multiple 75 by 75?

Squaring numbers between 90-99

Very easy trick to square numbers in the 90s.

Squaring numbers between 50-59

Very easy trick to square numbers in the 50s.

Multiply numbers between 100-109

Math trick to multiply two numbers in the 100s.

FOIL Method

Most important math trick to multiply two digits numbers.

Multiply by 12-19

It can't get easier than multiplying by 12-19.

Difference of Squared Numbers

Example of this would be 562 - 522.

Convert to base 10

See an easy way to convert base X to base 10.

Adding Sequence

Nice trick to add numbers in formation 1 + 2 + ... + n.

Adding Fractions

Adding fractions in the form a/b + b/a.

Comparing Fractions

Learn this quick trick to compare any two fractions instantly.

Multiply by 111

Much like multiplying by 11 we cover a nice trick to multiply any number by 111.