Angles and Degrees

Geometry will have you studying angles and degrees.

Everything starts with the circle. A circle is 360 degrees. For example, if someone attempts a 720 on a skateboard, they made two circles or two full rotations since 360 * 2 = 720.

If you cut a circle in half you are left with a straight line. A straight line is 180 degree. For example, if you turn or flip something 180 degrees it shows a mirror image.

One fourth of a circle is a right triangle and there are four right triangles in a circle. Each right triangle has a 90 degree angle and this, by definition, is a right triangle.

Different angles also have different names.

  • If an angle is greater than 0 and less than 90 it is called an Acute angle.
  • If an angle is greater than 90 but less than 180 it is called an obtuse angle.

Anything greater than 180 degree is called a reflex angle.

Watch the math video below for a detailed explanation!